Meet Our Staff

Michelle Carter: Christian, Wife, Mother, Co-Owner, Operator and Personal Trainer.

Michelle is a dedicated and trusted physical fitness instructor.  A highly ranked educator with a Master's Degree in Education, Michelle is extremely patient with students and has become a recognized expert in her field by taking the time needed to learn, understand and instruct each and every individual based on their learning style.  Her fun and engaging ways of helping you succeed with your physical fitness goals is what makes Brickhouse Fitness unique and unmatched compared to others.  She will motivate you and help you “stay the course” while, most importantly, show you the love of Jesus Christ through His teaching of self-confidence and the fact that through Him you can accomplish anything.

Marlo Sarrett: Christian, Wife, Mother, Co-Owner, Operator and Personal Trainer.

Marlo is the newest addition to the Brickhouse Fitness family.     

Josh Carter: Christian, Student (Class of 2014), Motivator and Brickhouse Fitness Associate.

Josh is young and knowledgeable about how to persevere through any obstacle set before him.  A proud member of the National Honor Society, Josh is in the top of his class.  He has proved himself at school and shows great skills in leadership and organization.  Josh knows what it means to take charge of a project and motivate everyone involved to create a fun adventurous game instead of a dull task or chore.  Josh offers this same to you in your adventure to improve your physical fitness!